Infra-Red China Glaze Hologlam Holographic Polish

I love me some holographic nails! I was “introduced” to holo’s through Color Club’s Halo Hues Collections and they are, in my opinion some of the most intense Holographic polishes I’ve seen.

I was VERY excited to see China Glaze release a new line of Holographic polishes because I had heard they produced AMAZING holo’s in the past…but sadly the reviews on the new 2013 Hologlam Collection by China Glaze has not lived up to the expectations.

I will say, I LOVE the color saturation, the formula is good, and they DO have a very pretty holographic effect…it just isn’t as intense as the releases of holos by China Glaze in years past and doesn’t even touch the intensity of holographic effect that Color Club has. I’m not disappointed that I got these. I will surely be using them. For those that want a more subtle holo effect they would be perfect. I will post other colors from the collection when I get around to it!

Infra-RedChinaGlaze 001
Infra-RedChinaGlaze 002
Infra-RedChinaGlaze 003
Infra-RedChinaGlaze 004
Infra-RedChinaGlaze 010
Infra-RedChinaGlaze 005


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